I see people all the time who lose weight, and someone will say to them, “Yeah, but it’s JUST water weight”…
Well, depending on how you lost the weight, it’s probably true…BUT.. the REAL question is, what type of water did you lose?  Was it intracellular water?  Was is extracellular water?  Was it metabolic waste or toxic water?water weight  What do all of these mean??  Here is a brief explanation of all 3.  Intracellular water = the water inside of your cell that feeds the cell, OR Good water..   Extracellular water = the water on the outside of the cell that prevents nutrient absorption, OR bad water… Metabolic waste or Toxic water = The water that creates inflammation in the body, OR Dangerous water.
The true measure of proper weight loss, losing the right kind of water, and whether or not you are actually detoxing as you lose weight, may require a measurement from a sophisticated measuring device such as, a tanita analyzer.  But if you do not have access to one, you can make sure that you are using a detox that will cleanse all the way in to your third level of toxicity, which is your metabolic waste and toxic water.  Cleanse for Life, is one of the very few cleanses that has been proven through the use of sophisticated devices and clinical studies, to not only decrease the bad and dangerous waters, but also INCREASE the good water.  The more good water we have the longer we live.  When the body runs out of good water.. it will suffer terribly.
When the bad water and dangerous water are too high in the body, we begin to see the effects of metabolic syndrome.  We begin to look puffy and swollen, and our cheekbones and ankles disappear.  We begin to feel lethargic, we crave harmful foods, and it becomes increasingly hard to drop weight.  As those dominoes begin to fall, something must take place to begin to turn that process around.  Cleansing is one way to begin to right the things that may be going wrong.  So if you are missing your cheekbones, ankles and ab muscles, maybe it’s time to start looking at really losing the water that may be hurting you, AND increasing the water that will help in keeping you healthy.  There are many cleanses out there to pick from, so please make sure you are choosing one that will detox all the way to your Dangerous water… your cells will thank you ;)…  If you want a comparison between fruit juice and Cleanse for Life, please read the blog post  So when someone says to “Yeah, But it’s just water weight” can say “Yes, but its the right kind of water to lose!!”     Happy Watering … <3