NOOO….. Not Another Chick Flick

By March 5, 2016Food for thought

Chick flicks.. UGH!!  Right guys??!!  Why do they torture men with these things over and over again??

Well, maybe I can offer some insight.

chick flicksJust as every guy watches an action movie, and in the back of the their minds they secretly see themselves as the hero and know the role was written for them, just like that, almost every woman watches a love story and secretly wishes that they were the girl that the handsome, sexy, perfect man with ripped abs, was completely head over heels for.  We watch the same movies over and over and feel the same gooey feelings every time.   It’s not that we really want that guy (well maybe a little), but what we want is our man to feel THAT way about us.  We want our man standing naked in the living room covered by nothing but a box of cookies offering us one.. ( for those of you that don’t know, that would be Jack the bartender (Cam Gigandet) in Burlesque).   We want to be Baby crawling across the floor to our dirty dancing man, Patrick Swayze.  We want our man to be the guy that would make us fall in love with him, all over again, every single day, even though we don’t remember them at the end of the day.  We want them to chase us down the street calling our name, to jump over any obstacle in that last chance effort to win the girl of their dreams which just happens to be us.  We want our man to be the guy to comfort us, to save us, to complete us, to hold us, to kiss us, to do any one of thousands of romantic gestures just because they want us to be happy, to look past our many flaws and desire us above all others (even above the “perfect” supermodel who is after them).  We want our man to be the werewolf who fights for us non-stop, even though a vampire, who is also them, holds our heart.

Unfortunately, most of us do not live in a movie script with a person who was written specifically for us.
We love our men, and we desire them…we want that kind of passion to exist in our real world….

So..  Men… Listen Closely!!….
When we watch those stupid love movies, over and over, and it’s driving you crazy, remember that in the back of our minds,what we are really seeing and wanting is YOU. In the real world, what we really long for is, for you to grab us, hold our face in your hands, put your fingers through our hair, and kiss us deeply and passionately.  Kiss us so intensely that for one brief moment, nothing else exists.

So, every now and then guys, put on your superhero costume and play the role of the brave knight that we know you really are.  Step into that role of the safe place that helps us feel secure, protected, and loved.
It will only take you a minute to stand with your hands on your hips in superman form, protect our world and kiss us deeply.  Your rewards will be great, and it won’t even cost you the price of a movie ticket.