focus-glass     Have you ever wondered how some people stay so laser focused on a goal until it is fulfilled… and others cannot focus for longer than the time it takes to have one thought.  Whichever one you happen to be or anywhere in between, I am sure you can agree that the statement, “I guard my focus with my life,” is extremely profound.  Really think about it.  How distracted are we all on an almost constant basis?  How often does something pull us away from the focus at hand?  Everything from small irritations or things we perceive as obstacles, to distractions, to heck… just something shiny that takes our brain away from where it was heading.
     What if our focus was so targeted, that all of the little things that show up in our way,..what if we just ignored them and went around without missing a step?  Imagine what we could accomplish! 
     I have watched a friend I have known for almost 8 years, become so good at this practice that it almost seems effortless to watch him.  He has shown us all what can be accomplished when you focus your energy, every second of every day on nothing else but the end goal.  Whatever that goal is for you, it doesn’t really matter, as it will be different for everyone, but,what if you could guard the focus on that goal with every ounce of your being?  Imagine going through your day, floating and swaying away from every negative thought or feeling, and only flowing in positive thought.  To be able to course correct so quickly away from the “bad” thing that you almost have no seeing or acknowledgement of it at all.
     What if a mechanic, who used to change oil for a living and barely getting by, what if he changed his thought process?  Only focused on what can be, no matter how big or how small?  Ignored any negative that came his way?  Could that mechanic become a millionaire?  Do you believe it can be true?  Well I hope so, because I am here to tell you that I witnessed the transformation!  I watched as a man who believed that he could have a different life, first created that life in his brain, and then manifested it into a daily reality. 
     Dave MacArthur, you are the mechanic to millionaire!  And you have shown us the possibility that is out there for all of us.  When we can learn to guard our focus with our life, as you have done, the amazing things that will be created in our world.  Thank you for creating a place where we can learn to do the same.  Thank you for teaching us all be laser focused in a way most of us have never realized possible. 
     Dave has created a bi-weekly podcast to help us through the principles that he followed and continues to practice to achieve his amazing success.  I am sending you an invitation to join him twice a week.    I recommend you listen in… start from #1 and work your way through each one.  Here is the link, I hope you enjoy this journey you are about to go on…     Happy Focusing!!  <3         www.mechanictomillionaire.com