Cellular Cleansing vs. juice cleansing

     A good friend of mine just asked me about juice cleansing, because of this question and the conversation it started, I have decided to answer the question again on my public forum…..
Did youjuice cleanse know that doing just a juice cleanse alone will only address water soluble toxins?
It will never address the fat soluble toxins or the metabolic waste…. which are the toxins that really affect our health and internal organs in a negative way. They are also the toxins that will stop you from losing weight the right/healthy way. Cellular detoxing with a cleanse that can address all three is the only way to truly clean your system all the way down to a cellular level. The “‘Cleanse” product that I have been using for over 10 years is one of the only things I know of that can do this properly.. When you cleanse all of your cells at the deepest level, you are then able to absorb nutrition in a more efficient way.
   Cleansing in this manner allows your cells to be able to absorb not only the nutrition, vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, but it will also aid the body in absorbing and using glucose in a more useful way, so it is not free flowing through your bloodstream with no place or ability to land in a cell where it is needed for proper cell function. When you cleanse in this manner, most toxicity will be passed through the urine as the fat soluble toxins and metabolic waste are converted to water soluble toxins.. this allows the urination process to be the filter it was intended to be. This is not a colon cleanse, even though the walls of the colon will also be cleaned, so there is no cramping, bathroom runs or feeling home bound involved.. 
   I hope this helps.. thanks for the question, I have answered it many times privately, I do understand that there is a lot of confusing information out there. It does not have to be confusing or hard, and can be much easier if you do not waste your time on something that will not address everything, as this can be frustrating and kill your motivation. It can be done, it can be easy and effective, it can help to improve your health and performance, it can reduce the numbers on the scale and measuring tape.     Here’s to happy cleansing!