Can diabetes be the most misunderstood disease?

Insulin syringes stuck into the lump sugar.Here I am again today, having a very disturbing conversation with a  recently diagnosed type II diabetic. It’s an extremely common, unfortunate thing, which shines a brighter light on a growing epidemic of obesity and malnutrition due to processed foods that really are not food anymore, but instead a food-like product.
As we talk, I hear the same things I have heard hundreds of times over…. the doctor recommends artificial sweetener instead of sugar, and they are feeling hopeless because they are told they will be on some sort of drug for the rest of their life.  Both of those things are an absolute falsehood.  The terrible thing about the recommendation of artificial sweetener, is that your body, especially your pancreas where insulin comes from, still read this as sugar.  Aspartame, equal, splenda, sweet and low, are all responsible for the fast track of going from a type II diabetic, to a type I insulin dependent person in record time.  I am not sure why doctors are not hip to this knowledge, but I even hear nutritionists make this recommendation.
Most people who are diagnosed with this disease do not even understand why or what it is.  They only know it has to do with excess sugar in the blood.  No one ever seems be taught by their doctor what diabetes actually  is.  So I will attempt to give you the short version of what it really is.

In the simplest of terms, diabetes occurs when your cells are too overloaded with toxicity and waste to accept the glucose that is in the blood.  The pancreas sends out insulin into the system to work with the cell to get it to open and accept the glucose, but when the cells are too full, it takes more and more insulin to get the cell door to open.  When you ingest artificial sweetener the body reacts in the same manner as if you had eaten real sugar.  The problem is, when the insulin hits the bloodstream to find the sugar, there is actually no sugar to be found, because all of these sweeteners are nothing more than chemicals.  The extra insulin in the system will begin to break down capillaries and we begin to see neuropathy and the loss of vision and digits or limbs.
When the system is flooded with nutrients, and also with cellular cleanse, the cells are cleaned of their waste, and are then able to open freely and accept the glucose and use it efficiently, in essence, removing it from the bloodstream, and reversing the cycle of the disease.  Weight loss is a key issue in repairing your system in most situations, as well as exercise and nutrition, although without incorporating cellular cleansing, a huge piece of the healing puzzle is removed from the equation.
So at the end of our conversation, my friend who was feeling hopeless at the beginning, now has a greater understanding of what is happening in their body and a great hope that they now have the understanding and tools to be able to begin healing.  The body is a miracle.  It can heal itself.  But we must give it everything it needs to perform at optimum levels.