I  am a certified nutritional consultant. 

I have helped thousands regain their health, lose weight, add lean muscle, rebalance their bodies.  I found a great system that enabled me to help my clients with a simple, high quality system, that worked for almost everyone.   

Before I taught people how to shop, read labels, cook, clean out their pantries, weigh and portion… so much stuff, and so many steps. Some would do it for awhile, but most would get tired and bail out.

So adding this system into what I do has made all the difference in how I coach, and the results we get are long term. 

 It also enabled me to help these people go out and help others.  It became a mission.

I also help people in their life to achieve the goals they desire.  Some don’t even know the goals they have, so we set out to discover them together.  Learning to dream and create again can be freeing.  With simple systems and tools, we work together to move you forward in any aspect of your life you desire to change..  When one area shifts, typically everything else will shift also.

20 seconds of Insane Courage

Learning to create financial freedom can be simple.  20 seconds of insane courage can move mountains.  When we work in one area, health, life, wealth, they all tend to touch each other and shift..  Life begins to become something that never thought you could experience.  The people, relationships, conversations, all shift too, become more positive and supporting.  I have seen first hand how a world can shift.  I am the first to admit that I wasn’t in a good place before.  But, I became a great student, and I put what I learned into action, and opportunities just showed up.  I was open, and in they came, people, situations, opportunities, teachers, students…  it all just flooded in. 

There are days of challenge still.   There are days that I don’t play.  There are days when I want to pull my superman cape over my head and go back to sleep.    I’m human.  But what has changed is the amount of time it takes for the rebound!

Not weeks or days or even hours..  Now it is down to microseconds..  I can make the shift that quickly, never judge the person or situation, and never resist it.  It is amazing how fast I can shift it.  Am I superhuman.. lol.. no.. I just learn and apply and learn and apply… and in between I teach it to someone else so they can make the shift too.