My Story

I have done many jobs in my life, such as management of a hotel, a blackjack dealer and bartender in my hometown of Las Vegas, a small business owner with several locations, a nutritional consultant/coach, a professional network marketer, a motivational speaker/coach.  I am a wife, a lover, a friend.

My passion, my goal, is to help others understand the unlimited power they have to create and write their own story, the way they desire it, the way that really serves them and the people in their lives.  I am attracting those that truly wish to commit, to learn, to grow, to step into their power, to take control of their life in every aspect, and then to share all of those gifts back into the world.

I am a motivator of women, as I see their light being able to heal the world, they just need to know how to turn on the switch.  I am many things.  But none of these things are WHO I AM.  These things have helped me develop into the human that I am, but none of them define me.

I AM a black board, a clean slate, and I get to choose what I write into or out of my story every day.  I am the creator of my reality, just we all are.

I AM…………………….jojoplay