JoJo Bennington

Dare to redefine yourself

    •  Do you desire more in life?  Are you feeling stuck, hopeless, sad, unworthy?  Are you sick of the daily routine that you go through everyday?
    • Do you know there is something out there, you just don’t know what it is or how to get it, you just know there has to be more?

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  • Are you truly ready for a change?  We all have the power to redefine ourselves.  All we need to rewrite our story is to make different choices, to be open, to learn, and know there is another way out there.  A better way than what we’ve been taught.


Are you ready to rewrite your story?  What if you could wipe your black board clean and create something different? Let me show you how.  For a free video that will teach you how to start over everyday….⇓


I am here to say Never Give Up.  EVER!

I believe that with a persistent and positive attitude we can move mountains.  Sure, we all have bad days, weeks, or hell, sometimes even years! Isn’t it exciting to know that we get to choose every day what we will be, happy or sad, stuck or moving forward, creating or destroying.   We have the total control of our own world.  We can even choose to make a significant income, enough to free us financially for life as well as to contribute back to the world, and live out the passion in our hearts.

Whatever your goal CONSISTENT, PERSISTENT ACTION is the key.

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I am…

In order to
we must first
believe we

I am dedicated to help others create the life that they dream of, through focus, positive mindset, belief in self, and a committed, persistent attitude.

I am a believer that every person can achieve what they put their mind and effort into. I work with a proven system, an incredible team, and a powerful vehicle, that has created financial freedom for myself and for those who have made the decision to change their circumstances.





Work with Me

From Resistance to Abundance. Hear how my husband and I went from stressed out and working over time to living financially free.

We all have the power to redefine ourselves.  All we need to rewrite our story is to make different choices, to be open, to learn, and know there is another way out there.

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It's been a privilege to work with JoJo for over 10 years. JoJo leads from the trenches–never expecting anyone to do anything she isn’t willing to do herself. She understands what it takes to be successful, and she finds joy in helping others to do the same. She has a true love for the people she works with and has a talent for connecting with them and inspiring them to be the best they can be. Because JoJo has committed herself to becoming a powerful, influential woman, she understands the process of “becoming”. That combined with her fun personality and her deep desire to help others succeed, totally qualifies her to empower other women who are looking for someone to support them on their own journey.

Cary MacarthurMechanic to Millionaire Podcast, Entrepreneur, Empowering Women

I’ve known Jojo for many years. She is a great human being with many outstanding qualities; friendly, charitable, serves others, knowledgeable, caring and a hard worker. She leads a large group and that has lead her to the very top 1% of the earners in her company. I’ve witnessed her positive personal growth over the last ten years and now she teaches others to be independent, happy and purposeful. I actually think she is just getting started! The best part for me is that I call her my friend!
Thank you!

Mike Lantz15 time Ironman Triathlete, Professional Network